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Sharon Costello C.H.A. is a KAROHS International School of Handwriting Analysis, Certified Handwriting Analyst.

If you are outside of the Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and Western Pennsylvania area, you can sign up for her Complete General Handwriting Analysis, Career Handwriting Analysis or Basic Handwriting Analysis online and complete via email using her easy 4 question form. All you will need to do is complete the short form, scan it, and return it so that Sharon can complete your analysis.

Got Graphology?

Graphology, or the analysis of handwriting has been shown to be an accurate and non discriminatory form of analyzing a person's personality traits and characteristics. There are a wide range of practical uses including recruiting, law enforcement, and forensic document examination.

Graphology has also been shown to be a valuable career planning tool as well. It has been shown to reliably identify potential talents, interests, and motivations.

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Sharon Costello C.H.A. offers both Comprehensive and Basic General Handwriting Analysis, as well as Career Handwriting Analysis services for job seeker, recruiters, and human resources personnel.

The general services can give insight into one's goals, their emotional response to others, communication skills, other personality traits.

The career analysis will focus more on specific personality traits which can be useful for job seekers who are looking to find a new career path. It can also be useful for recruiters and human resources personnel for the purposes of hiring, or choosing the best candidates for a specific position.

Theses analyses will also, sometimes reveal negative traits that will be included in the report as well.

Studies have determined that handwriting analysis is a viable, non-discriminatory procedure in understanding an individual’s personality. The results can be a valuable tool in identifying potential talents, interests and motivations.