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My name is Sharon Costello C.H.A., and I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, but I decided that my real passion was in handwriting analysis. I then enrolled in KAROHS International School of Handwriting Analysis, and became a Certified Handwriting Analyst.

KAROHS International School of Handwriting Analysis

How It All Started

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and around the age of fifteen, my parents relocated to the state of Arizona. My parents spent a lot of time taking my younger sister and I  many different places throughout the state. It was an exciting time, because everything was new and exciting, to see and discover.

One year, we all went to the Arizona State Fair. Walking around, we came upon a booth, where for a small fee, a woman was working there would analyze your signature. I asked my parents if we could do it and they agreed. We all signed our names and the woman went to town. She was able to write amazing things about me, both positive and negative. I was listening intently to the whole analysis, and I knew this was something I needed to know more about. If only I could have stayed and watched her work. Unfortunately, that was not possible at the time. I truly think that my parents were not believers in spite of that amazing accuracy of her analysis.

A Period Of Time

I continued to grow an interest in my handwriting analysis passion and purchased every book I could find in order to teach myself the trade. I knew eventually, that I would have to go to school in order to receive a diploma to assure others that I was capable of doing this on a professional level. For a long period or time however, I was satisfied learning on my own. I would take my books everywhere with me because I needed to use them if asked questions. I would analyze the handwriting of my family and friends, while referencing the books often.

handwriting analyst

During My Bachelor’s Degree

While finishing up with my Bachelor’s Degree, there is a school requirement that I would have to write a final paper on a topic that could be useful in the future in my field. My field of study was Criminal Justice. I knew that handwriting analysis could, and would play a huge part in that field. I chose to write about handwriting analysis for my final paper. It was the research and books that I read while writing that paper that inspired me to consider graphology as a career. Shortly thereafter, I enrolled in KAROHS International School of Handwriting Analysis to become a certified handwriting analyst.

costello KAROHS diploma

KAROHS Certified Handwriting Analyst

Now that I have completed the KAROHS International School Of Handwriting Analysis, handwriting analyst certification, I wish to analyze handwriting and give feedback to those who wish to hear it.


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Sharon Costello C.H.A. offers both Comprehensive and Basic General Handwriting Analysis, as well as Career Handwriting Analysis services for job seeker, recruiters, and human resources personnel.

The general services can give insight into one's goals, their emotional response to others, communication skills, other personality traits.

The career analysis will focus more on specific personality traits which can be useful for job seekers who are looking to find a new career path. It can also be useful for recruiters and human resources personnel for the purposes of hiring, or choosing the best candidates for a specific position.

Theses analyses will also, sometimes reveal negative traits that will be included in the report as well.

Studies have determined that handwriting analysis is a viable, non-discriminatory procedure in understanding an individual’s personality. The results can be a valuable tool in identifying potential talents, interests and motivations.