graphology, handwriting analysis

What Is Graphology?

Graphology, or handwriting analysis is a system of analyzing the the patterns and physical characteristics in a persons handwriting. It can be used as an indicator of personality traits and of the mood of the writer at the time of writing.

What Is Graphology Or Handwriting Analysis Commonly Used For?

Also known as forensic document analysis, graphology has a number of common commercial usages. Perhaps, mostly commonly, is used for verifying the authenticity of signatures on documents or valuable memorabilia items. It is also commonly used by law enforcement as a means of substantiating evidence. It is also frequently used as a technique in interviewing and employment recruiting, as well as career planning.

How Did You Learn About Graphology?

Sharon is a KAROHS "certified handwriting analyst". KAROHS is "One of the world's leading graphology courses".

The KAROHS course was created by Dr. Erika M. KAROHS, who has over 30 years experience in the field of handwriting analysis. If you are interested in learning a bit more, there are many, great, free articles available on their website that you can view by clicking this link KAROHS Free Articles

How Can I Submit A Sample For Analysis?

Simply visit our Services page and choose between our Complete or Basic General Handwriting Analysis, or Complete Career Handwriting Analysis. After purchasing our service you will be prompted to download our official Costello Handwriting Analysis form. Answer the 4 simple questions on our form using your normal handwriting, scan the completed form and send it back.

Sharon will personally analyze each sample that is submitted, and you will receive a handwriting analysis report via email within 14 business days (less for some services). If you are planning to use the analysis for business purposes such as recruiting or career planning, the Complete Career Handwriting Analysis is highly recommended. These services are all meant as analysis of the physical traits of the handwriting sample submitted. These services are NOT designed to verify the authenticity of signatures.

What If I Live Outside Of Western Pennsylvania?

No problem at all. Sharon resides in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and specializes in analyzing handwriting in the Allegheny Valley region, but samples will be accepted from anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Simply visit our Services page and choose the service that best fits your needs, fill out our simple, 4 question form, scan, and email it back. Since these samples are being submitted by email, please be sure to write hard enough on the paper that it can easily be read. Remember to use your normal handwriting, and neatness does not count.

Sign Up For Your Analysis Today!

Sharon Costello C.H.A. offers both Comprehensive and Basic General Handwriting Analysis, as well as Career Handwriting Analysis services for job seeker, recruiters, and human resources personnel.

The general services can give insight into one's goals, their emotional response to others, communication skills, other personality traits.

The career analysis will focus more on specific personality traits which can be useful for job seekers who are looking to find a new career path. It can also be useful for recruiters and human resources personnel for the purposes of hiring, or choosing the best candidates for a specific position.

Theses analyses will also, sometimes reveal negative traits that will be included in the report as well.

Studies have determined that handwriting analysis is a viable, non-discriminatory procedure in understanding an individual’s personality. The results can be a valuable tool in identifying potential talents, interests and motivations.