Basic General Handwriting Analysis

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Basic General Handwriting Analysis


A less comprehensive and in depth version of the Complete General Handwriting Analysis. The basic analysis is a small analysis of your writing, based on the sample you submit using the form below. A great introductory service for those looking to become acquainted with graphology, or get a basic idea of which traits show most dominantly in their handwriting. This service is meant to be educational and is mostly designed for entertainment purposes. For a more serious and in depth analysis, the Complete General Analysis is recommended.

Sharon will examine the handwriting sample and send back a report about various personality traits that she finds within the sample. She will pick and choose what what stands out as being most significant while analyzing. This basic handwriting analysis is a smaller report and returned to you at a faster pace than the complete or career handwriting analysis services.

Since these samples are being submitted by email, please be sure to write hard enough on the paper that it can easily be read. Remember to use your normal handwriting, and neatness does not count.

Upon purchasing of the Basic General Handwriting Analysis service you will be prompted to download our official, Costello Handwriting Analysis Form. Please complete the form using your normal handwriting, (using both sides of the sheet if necessary) then scan your completed sheet and email to and your analysis will be completed and you will receive your report via email within 7-10 business days.

Sharon Costello is a KAROHS International School Of Handwriting Analysis, Certified Handwriting Analyst.

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  1. Cherie (verified owner)

    interesting and very accurate quick turn around good results

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