Complete Career Handwriting Analysis


Complete Career Handwriting Analysis


Did you know that your handwriting can show personality traits that are used in various jobs?

There are many findings within handwriting that apply to what career choices may be ideal for your specific personality, or to the promoting and hiring or employees.

This is our service that includes complete in depth analysis for both job seekers and recruiting and human resources personnel. For job seekers, Complete Career Handwriting Analysis, can help to analyze for traits that help define a career path for those who are undecided between a few choices. For recruiters, and human resources personnel, it can be used to find traits in individuals that make them strong candidates for specific roles, or occupations.

Handwriting analysis can let you know if you are a strong leader, a team player, or work best independently. It can also show things such as if your are a person who is meticulous and pays close attention to detail. Handwriting traits can even show if you have the physical stamina to be on your feet all day.

Since these samples are being submitted by email, please be sure to write hard enough on the paper that it can easily be read. Remember to use your normal handwriting, and neatness does not count.

Upon purchasing your Complete Career Handwriting Analysis you will be prompted to download our official, Costello Handwriting Analysis Form. Please complete the form using your normal handwriting, (using both sides of the sheet if necessary) then scan your completed sheet and email to and your analysis will be completed and you will receive your report via email within 10-14 business days.

Sharon Costello is a KAROHS International School Of Handwriting Analysis, Certified Handwriting Analyst.

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