Complete General Handwriting Analysis

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Complete General Handwriting Analysis


The Complete General Handwriting Analysis will provide you with a comprehensive and in depth report about your handwriting. Based on the sample you submit using the form below, Sharon will analyze the characteristics of your handwriting to determine personality traits represented.

Handwriting analysis can be used to determine things such as level of intellect, thinking patterns, ego, strength, goals, and how productive you are at completing tasks. It can also give insight into interpersonal relations, social skills, communication skills. and reveal fears and defenses you may have as well.

The report that you receive will include information about what your signature might show in relationship to your handwriting. It will also include information about your goals, your emotional response to others, your communication skills, and other personality traits. Any negative traits revealed will also be disclosed.

Since these samples are being submitted by email, please be sure to write hard enough on the paper that it can easily be read. Remember to use your normal handwriting, and neatness does not count.

Upon purchasing your Complete General Handwriting Analysis you will be prompted to download our official, Costello Handwriting Analysis Form. Please complete the form using your normal handwriting, (using both sides of the sheet if necessary) then scan your completed sheet and email to and your analysis will be completed and you will receive your report via email within 10-14 business days.

Sharon Costello is a KAROHS International School Of Handwriting Analysis, Certified Handwriting Analyst.

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2 reviews for Complete General Handwriting Analysis

  1. Christi Trilli

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon in November of 2017 and she performed a complete general handwriting analysis shortly after on my handwriting. The time I spent with Sharon in talking to her about her background, experience, fun facts about handwriting, past analyses she has completed, etc. she has a wealth of information. Sharon has a wonderful and welcoming personality and you can tell this is her true passion. She enjoys this work. I received my analysis in the mail, where Sharon included her business card and her typed analysis. My first impression was that the package in its entirety was very professional. The analysis itself, was dead on point. From the time that Sharon and I spent together there is potential that she could pick up on some of the things mentioned about me from just meeting me, not just my handwriting. However, MUCH more of the information than not, she would not be able to tell about me through talking to me in person for a short amount of time. It was super interesting to me and several family members to read about myself and say initially, no that’s not me, but then to think deeper and say well actually, that does make sense. Through Sharon’s handwriting analysis, it puts into writing some things that you have not been able to put into words explaining about yourself in the past, and she does it just though analyzing your handwriting!! She makes connections you may not necessarily have thought of on a much deeper level. I truly feel Sharon has an amazing skill in this area, this was a very neat, interesting, and worth while experience for me and I will be recommending her to others.

  2. Jacklyn (verified owner)

    I bought this for my boyfriend as a gift. He has always wanted to get a professional to read his writing. He was very happy with the results! Sharon’s analysis is as very thorough and pretty accurate. We sent the document by email so there was no way she could’ve known! She went deeper than the surface level handwriting analyses I’ve seen online. Very happy with the purchase and would love to see mine now.

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